Calling all independent brands and businesses!

We’ve been super impressed by how some of our most beloved independent brands have gotten creative in terms of what they’re offering their customers in the wake of coronavirus.

The government are offering some brilliant financial aid for businesses (click here for more info) but here at Marguerite, we believe that this is the time for everyone to act by spending wisely and shopping independent. Small business owners will really feel the positive impact of anything you buy from them right now. If you’re in the position to spend money at the moment, before you head down to your nearest (empty!) superstore why not consider:

  • Ordering directly from a restaurant doing deliveries for your Sunday roast (skipping the 35% fee a middle man takeaway provider would charge)

  • Ordering fruit & veg boxes directly from a farm or supplier

  • Buying a piece of jewellery from a small independent brand (you can show it off in your next Zoom/Skype/House Party call..!)

  • Buying a gift voucher for your favourite restaurant (so you can visit when it’s back on it’s feet)

If you’re a small business owner, scroll down to choose the best forum for you and post what you’re offering! Whether it’s a completely new product or your usual jam, we want to know about it!

Please note that this space is for registered companies only. If you are an individual/sole trader/freelancer offering a service e.g. graphic design/photography/social media services etc, please post in our Freelancers forum here!