Hi guys! This is a space for freelancers to share their skills and for employers to post jobs in the wake of coronavirus.

Please make sure you’re posting in the correct area (freelancers looking for work should post in ‘freelancers’ and employees looking to post jobs should post in ‘jobs’!). Click the titles below to access the separate blogs.

Sending lots of love and luck to you all!
Team Marguerite x


So many of us are being seriously affected physically, emotionally and financially by what’s going on in the world at the moment.

If you’re looking for work, post your name, skills and contact details here! We want to create a forum where freelancers can list the things they might be able to help companies with to get some paid work. Fingers crossed this might lead to a few hours (or even better, weeks!) of work for those who have lost the jobs they had lined up for the next few months. Think creatively. Sure, you’re usually an event photographer but what else can you do? Maybe you’re also a whizz with Photo Shop or InDesign and can help a small agency who have too much on their plates at the moment. Do you have a car? Maybe you can help deliver food from restaurants who are now doing deliveries only. BE IMAGINATIVE PEOPLE.

When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade, am I right?! Also remember to check out the ‘jobs’ tab where companies and people in a position to hire are listing jobs.

If you’re an employer, take a look at the amazing list of people here. We know there are a lot to choose from (this has been way more popular than we could ever have imagined!) - try hitting ‘Command F’ to search for key skills e.g. ‘photographer’ or ‘graphic designer’. Please also post any available positions in the ‘Jobs’ tab.


If you’re a company or individual looking for some freelance help, list your name, what you need help with and your contact details. Remember, there’s no job too small! Just make sure it’s paid as we’re all about making money to pay our bills right now. Do also click on the ‘Freelancers’ tab to view the incredible people who are available right now! Arrange a to have a cuppa together over Zoom today!

If you’re a freelancer interested in a job that is listed, please contact the person who has listed it directly rather than responding to the message on here as they may not see it!